Space Junkyard,

A very important mission:

To save an alien that’s crash-landed in a junkyard and return him to his own universe – through a wormhole that’s disguised as a toilet seat, of course!


It’s a race against time (and space)! Prepare to step into another world, where puzzles, problem-solving, and one crucial mission awaits – have your thinking caps at the ready!  

Alistair Slaughter

Loved this escape room. So many weird and wonderful contraptions we’ve never come across before and a great finale. Great experience.


Alia Din

I decided to book this for my husbands birthday and it was the first escape room we have ever done. It’s super engaging, we had a few cues to help us as we were first timers but when we solved each stage it was so satisfying! Tony is a great guy. We both LOVED this escape room and will be back for when he creates his next one.

Usman Altaïr Ali

This escape room was alot of fun. Our group had some first timers in it and they thought it was a great experience too.

The puzzles were very unique and creative. Tony was a great host and is very passionate about the escape room he designed!


An exiting game 

halfway between an escape room and the famous Crystal Maze. 

Space Junk Yard Escape Room

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