Why does toothpaste come in a box?

Simply because it looks better this way and people are more likely to buy it.

As human beings, we are attracted to sparkling and shiny products, despite higher prices and massive damage to the environment.


Many of us are hedonists and want to find "pleasure" in whatever form we can. Despite this, we can be more conscious and ethically fair.

When we understand that we can achieve the same results using recycled items, things will be better.


Space Junkyard

​Space Junkyard shows what can be achieved using just recycled items and a lot of imagination. Sustainability and consideration for the environment lie at the very heart of our ethos.


Built entirely using old items, our escape room started as a bit of fun and a game for friends. But when we received fantastic feedback, we decided to go public.

And what a great decision this proved to be!


Space Junkyard has been rated as the best escape room by many experts!

Are you curious to know what can be done if you think out of the box?  Come and visit Space Junkyard! Offering some of the most competitive prices in London, we won't rip you off. That's right - a great price, a top 10 ranking escape room and a sustainable future. Are you ready for the challenge?

Space junkyard

an escape room for people that prefer substance over appearance!