The birth of the room :

JunkYard is an Eco friendly  independent escape room, creatively designed by myself with the use of reinvented  recycled items.

I am an electrical engineer undertaking a maintenance project at the trampoline park. During one of my excursions through the building I discovered some empty rooms that were once used as private quarters of actors. These rooms captured my imagination, for within those four walls lay the secrets of thespians of years past.

It is then that I had a dream to breath life into what was once a room most certainly full of vigour, character, and  adventure. I decided to create an escape room game in my attempt at paying homage to the secrets that would never leave those four walls.

At same location in partnership with Zap Space trampoline park,

You can book Jump session + Escape for a all round physical and brain activity that will boos your mood and energy level.

The story of the building:

The building were we are hosted  had its very first incarnation as a theatre. It opened in 1896 with a production of Henry IV and was considered a very splendid establishment.
It had an Art  face lift in 1933 when it became The Rex cinema.


Just over a year ago it had another incarnation as ZAPspace the "Theatre of Jumps" with the help of @zaparchitecture
Saving it from the fate of being knocked down and creating a place of fun, fitness and celebration on the high street.


The escape room is located in the changing rooms area of the actors, did you ever wonder what walls would say if they could talk?