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We are able to prepare  customised games/clue/message if you like to surprise someone.

There are 4 level of difficulties  Easy - Medium -Hard  but if you feel you can try the EXTREME version in which no clues or explanation is given, you'll have one hour and half time to sort it out and if you finish within 50 minutes your group can access at our 3D print lab for one hour workshop. 


Team have one hour to complete task.

Team can ask for  as many clues as like.

Someone can be present  going trough games and explain the process. 


Team have one hour to complete task.

During game team  can ask for  two  clues, each clue  thereafter cost 5 minutes of your time.


Team have one hour to complete task.

Team only have one free clue.


Team have one hour  and half to complete task.

No clues or explanation will be given You are on your one on this.


There are way to write personalised messages greeting along the game .

this might be used for surprise birthday party ,

or any occasion where you want to surprise someone. 

send us an email for more info.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

Super fun game, genial and diabolic in its simplicity yet high teck at some point, wish I could explain without ruining the game:)

Went here with 2 kids (12 and 14) and had a brilliant time, really good value for money. The owner was really enthusiastic which helped as well. The tasks were good and challenging and the best bit was that there were different types (code breaking, technology etc) which appealed differently to each of us.
Thoroughly recommend it!

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