We at Junkyard have implemented a disinfection of air and surfaces  protocol for our-self and our customer 

We will sterilize ( "disinfect" is a more appropriate word) the room at end of each booking  by Ozone injection and surface wiping.

This procedure will take about 30 minutes .

so we will be running a limited schedule.

**Important ** If you asthmatic please refrain as ozone can trigger asthma.

**Important** Be aware that booking might be anticipated or postdated of 30 minutes to allow for such cleaning.


 We ask a  minimum distance policies of 1 meter and on request we also be wearing face mask.

   We apologize for the disruption, also this will have an impact on the human side of the experience, but how they say better safe than sorry.  

Clink on the images to know better about this process.


Or call us on 07902828308 for more info


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